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Crypto Servers for greater server control at lesser cost

Do you require secure infrastructure on which to run your cryptocurrency trading algorithms? Have you been looking for low-latency connectivity to a cryptocurrency exchange? Hostlic can provide this in the select Hostlic Crypto Connect package this new service offers the optimum setup and environment for cryptocurrency traders and institutions looking to source crypto liquidity.

PowerFull Crypto Compiler

$660 .00* month

3 Months Promo: DEDIPROMO2018

CPU1-2 x Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 1-2 x (10 x 2.20 GHz)



Connection 1Gbit

Bandwidth 1TB outgoing

Bandwidth Free incomming

IPV4 address 1 included

IPV6 address /64 or /48


Germany Datacenter

Crypto Backup Server

$491 .00* month

3 Months Promo: DEDIPROMO2018

CPU Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 - 6c/12t - 2.4GHz /3.2GHz CPU

RAM 128GB DDR4 ECC 1866 MHz

HDD HardRaid 12x6TB SAS + Cache 1x160GB SSD Disks

Connection 1Gbit

Bandwidth 1TB outgoing

Bandwidth Free incomming

IPV4 address 1 included

IPV6 address /64 or /48

OS Linux/Windows

Germany Datacentre

Crypto DDOS Protection

$390 .00* month

3 Months Promo: DEDIPROMO2017

Premium Bandwidth 20,000 GB

Max Attack Filtering 150 Gbps

Packets Per Second 90 Million

Protected Ports Any Ports

Protected Domain/IP Unlimited

Germany Datacentre

Major Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Server
  • More stability and reliability for basic web hosting needs
  • More control compared to shared hosting
  • Green technology, environmentally friendly, and more efficient use of resources
  • Easy scalability when needed
  • Cost effective solutions for small websites
  • 24*7 Server monitoring
  • Daily Backup
  • Redundant Name Servers

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Servers that offer greater control & grow with your business seamlessly. Enjoy unmatched 24×7 Support!

Supreme Flexibility

Virtual servers offer great flexibility allowing you to tweak your server environment the way you like. Hostlic Webhost’s Virtual servers offer greater control within a limited budget.

Budget Friendly

In case of VPS, you only pay for the services you need without the need to worry about expenditure related to entire infrastructure management.

High Security

Each virtual private server is insulated and functions independently. This minimises the risk associated with unauthorised access from hackers and miscreants.

Why Hostlic Webhost

Enjoy high performance & desired scalability with our Virtual Private Servers!

Customised Hosting

Tailored virtual hosting solutions for your business! Hostlic Webhost offers customised web hosting keeping in mind the goals & requirements of your specific business. For tailor made VPS hosting, Call +1 (240) 345-3197 Now!!

High Performance &

Our Netherlands data centres offer 99.9% uptime with super-fast page loads. We also use high class anti-virus and Spam filters for supreme data security.

Great Support

Our customers are our priority and at Hostlic Webhost we ensure that any technical issues are taken up immediately and resolved at the earliest. Our support executives are available on phone, email as well as chat 24×7.

Virtual Servers that grow with your expanding business.

Rock Solid VPS Hosting in Netherlands. Call +1 (240) 345-3197 for more!

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